The horror story of Sasha Menu Courey and the University Of Missouri

Sasha Menu Courey

Sasha Menu Courey

Sasha Menu Courey died in 2011 at the age of 20. She had taken 100 Tylenol pills that decimated her internal organs. If that wasn’t bad enough, the sequence of events that lead to her death was stunning and should outrage anyone who cares about college athletics. ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” interviewed officials at UM this month, only to find a trail of irresponsibility and confusion.

As a mental health professional, I am shocked by the ineptitude of the administrators and the swim coach at UM. The coach should be fired, and a civil investigation should be launched into the conduct of administrators at UM. There is no excuse for demanding that a student withdraw from school while she is hospitalized and on suicide watch. The coach seemed blissfully unaware and unaccountable, in the “OTL” report. As someone who has worked with college students, this makes me sad that a major university could be so inept and callous as to contribute to a young woman taking her own life. Did the sexual assault she reported have anything to do with this or was it the stress and chaos brought on by her Borderline Personality Disorder ? Is there a relationship between the BPD and the sexual assault ? These questions need to be answered and only a full scale investigation can give us any hope of finding out.

If you care about college athletics at all, you should care about Sasha. There are many Sashas on our college campuses and many athletic departments dealing with them. These people have to be held accountable for the way they treat the students that come to them for help, or that harm themselves. The University Of Missouri seems to have grossly mishandled Sasha’s case and failed to live up to the Hypocratic Oath, which dictates: “First, do no harm”. They need to be called to account. I hope the local civil, or even federal authorities will see that this is done.


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